Creative Director/Producer, Journalist, Speaker


I'm originally from Central California but moved to New York city where I worked for a ton of different places like VICE, ABC, CNN, and CBS. now, I’m back in california and can’t wait to continue TO tell stories that matter.

I've had a love for stories for a really long time and my passion for storytelling has unapologetically found it’s way in every aspect of my life. from shooting, producing and directing docs, to cofounding an organization dedicated to helping underrepresented people in media. I may have grown professionally in network news but I am now working as a creative executive in development.  

I studied news and doc at NYU, broadcast journalism at USC, Some other things to know about me – I’m secretly obsessed with singing competitions and I can fall asleep almost immediately in anything that moves be it a car, plane, boat, or train. i am ethiopian and bajan, the child of an amazing woman and the future owner of a chocolate Labrador.

oh - and #blackgirlmagic.